The Pros & Cons of Waist Packs


You will need a small waist pack for essential but tiny belongings and other accessories that would be cumbersome to go in the bag. A waist pack is a handy tool for every hiking enthusiast. The pack sits on the front of your waist that adjusts slightly to the lower back when strapped. It is a useful feature for holding micro adventure contents like a camera. You could even put your phone in it when you are on the trail. The best waist packs come with additional accessories to make the pack the must-have unit in your traveling itinerary.  If you want to know the pros and cons of waist packs, keep on reading.

Big in size

The waist packs today are big enough to rival backpacks, and they can hold necessarily anything that would go to a traditional backpack as long as it is light. Therefore, you do not have to keep removing the bag to reach your things. The advantage of the waist pack is the ease of reach when you want to do something. You can also just slide it around your waist to allow you to access some restricted spaces such as tiny door areas or gaps in the woods. They are excellent accessories for hiking because you will not need to consider your posture when carrying one. It hangs on the waist irrespective of how fast you are moving. The shoulder bag will fall off, and the backpack does not offer the same maneuverability as the waist pack.

Avoid sweating

RUNNING The reason why the waist pack is a darling of the military is that of its positioning which ensures that the back does not sweat a lot in extreme high heat conditions. The pack sits low and leaves sufficient room for the wind to breeze through the shift and aerate the upper body of the wearer. The difference between sweating with a backpack and not sweating with the pack is the added comfort and ability to move for long without requiring rest. The hike or travel will be very comfortable at the least.

Easy to pass security

Backpacks are often a sign of a heavy traveler, and when you are passing security, you will have to remove everything and return them to the bag. On the other hand, the waist pack is easy to peruse insider without needing to check the straps and remove it. A simple check also makes your move through security fast. It can be a convenient urban touring tool since you will not be feeling the frustration of having to remove all your belongings with every entry check.

It is cumbersome for some people

The perception of the waist pack as a fashion accessory may not go well with some people. It can feel too onerous even when it is providing an essential utility service. On the other side, it may not attach itself to the waist well if you do not have sufficient butt allowance and when you pick a strap that is not the right match for you.

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