Why Home Remedies is Better Than Drugs

A lot of people immediately runs to the doctor or the drugstore for medication when they have a slight hint of illness. Chemically produced drugs can do more harm than good to your body in the long term. Your body will get used to it, and in time, be resistant to it.

This is especially true if you always take antibiotics whenever you’re sick. Antibiotics are only supposed to be considered when you’re attacked by a bacteria, but a lot of people take it thinking it will make their disease go away faster. Your body will develop a ‘superbug’ which is resistance to all antibiotics, at which point the smallest kind of bacteria can be deadly.

That is why the use of home remedies are usually recommended. Things like honey, garlic, ginger and lemon can be a great home remedy to increase immunity. Another popular home remedy is cannabis. You can learn more here about cannabis hemp oil, which is easier to work with as a home remedy. Here’s how cannabis can treat you.

For pain

Cannabis has been proven to provide relief for various kinds of pain, including back pain, nerve pain (or headaches), muscle pain, menstrual pain, post-traumatic and post-surgical pain, and even cancer pain. Opposed to what most people think, using CBD for pain is not addictive. With the right dosage, it won’t have the same side effects as many drugstore products. It won’t make you feel drowsy and is even an anti-inflammatory.

back pain

For arthritis

Conventional arthritis remedies usually have numerous side effects, which you won’t have to deal with if you use cannabis as a treatment. Cannabis oil is best to treat arthritis with. It will also reduce your need for NSAIDs and opiates. I’ve mentioned that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and so does THC. This will reduce the pain for people with arthritis. However, THC is psychoactive, so we recommend you to take it only at night to treat arthritis.

For diabetes

Other than having anti-inflammatory properties, the CBD also has antioxidant effects, which protects the body from complications that are the result of diabetes. The CBD also prevents diabetic complications such as atherosclerosis. Diabetic patients have reported that they sleep better with the help of cannabis oil, and they exercise better too which helps with their condition. They also have better control of their blood sugar, as CBD also improves triglyceride levels.