Why Home Remedies is Better Than Drugs

A lot of people immediately runs to the doctor or the drugstore for medication when they have a slight hint of illness. Chemically produced drugs can do more harm than good to your body in the long term. Your body will get used to it, and in time, be resistant to it.

This is especially true if you always take antibiotics whenever you’re sick. Antibiotics are only supposed to be considered when you’re attacked by a bacteria, but a lot of people take it thinking it will make their disease go away faster. Your body will develop a ‘superbug’ which is resistance to all antibiotics, at which point the smallest kind of bacteria can be deadly.

That is why the use of home remedies are usually recommended. Things like honey, garlic, ginger and lemon can be a great home remedy to increase immunity. Another popular home remedy is cannabis. You can learn more here about cannabis hemp oil, which is easier to work with as a home remedy. Here’s how cannabis can treat you.

For pain

Cannabis has been proven to provide relief for various kinds of pain, including back pain, nerve pain (or headaches), muscle pain, menstrual pain, post-traumatic and post-surgical pain, and even cancer pain. Opposed to what most people think, using CBD for pain is not addictive. With the right dosage, it won’t have the same side effects as many drugstore products. It won’t make you feel drowsy and is even an anti-inflammatory.

back pain

For arthritis

Conventional arthritis remedies usually have numerous side effects, which you won’t have to deal with if you use cannabis as a treatment. Cannabis oil is best to treat arthritis with. It will also reduce your need for NSAIDs and opiates. I’ve mentioned that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and so does THC. This will reduce the pain for people with arthritis. However, THC is psychoactive, so we recommend you to take it only at night to treat arthritis.

For diabetes

Other than having anti-inflammatory properties, the CBD also has antioxidant effects, which protects the body from complications that are the result of diabetes. The CBD also prevents diabetic complications such as atherosclerosis. Diabetic patients have reported that they sleep better with the help of cannabis oil, and they exercise better too which helps with their condition. They also have better control of their blood sugar, as CBD also improves triglyceride levels.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

losing weight fastThere are scientific facts you can use to lose weight fast, and they are available to in this article and try out the tips offered. Ladies for instance, losing weight should no longer be a struggle especially if you invest your money on the best fat burner for women in the market; it can be as easy as relaxing after doing your work well. Unfortunately, busy lifestyles and too many obligations sometimes make it quite hard for a large majority of people to stay in their ideal shape. That was all the bad news affecting people before the discovery of easy scientific ways to cut weight by working in tandem with the body’s metabolism and your brain’s psychology. Here is a guide on how to lose weight fast and safely.

Learn the fundamentals of weight loss

You need to do three main things to lose weight irrespective of the technique you are using, and the time it takes. The first one is to lower your appetite so that you reduce the urge to add more calories to food, which eventually will make you gain weight again. The second one is to avoid hunger because it can cause your body to start pilling more food in reserves in anticipation of starvation and this beats the logic of trying to lose weight. The third one is to enhance your metabolic rate so that you will be burning fat and food fast to get the nutrition you need and get rid of the excesses.

Cut back on sugars and starches

Sweet things from processed foods are your number one cause of weight gain. They are straight triggers for your insulin to cause the disposal of fat around your tummy area. They also cause you to feel hungrier and hence cause you to eat more. You need to use insulin to your advantage. Not taking foods rich in sugars helps you secrete reduced insulin levels and that leads to a decreased appetite overall. You can eat many other foods, provided they are not sugar full. Avoid the combination of sugar and cream as it can lead you to eat so much then you anticipated, and it gets you very fat in days.

Eat meats

Proteins from meats in the form of chicken, pork, eggs, and fish as well as beef will help you stay full for long and help you deal with food cravings. Someone who gets five eggs for breakfast can last until midday without feeling an ounce of hunger. Other people who just take three loaves of bread will feel hungry after just two hours. Proteins work in your favor. They release sugars very slow and allow you to eat just enough for your weight.

Eat healthy fats

You need fats for improved metabolism, but they must be healthy fat. They include butter and tallow. They significantly enhance your metabolism rate so that you can move stool faster and you can feel lighter in the stomach with a reduced amount of headaches after eating. You may also add some cheese if you find that taking dairy foods does not affect your skin and you are not lactose intolerant.…


The Pros & Cons of Waist Packs

You will need a small waist pack for essential but tiny belongings and other accessories that would be cumbersome to go in the bag. A waist pack is a handy tool for every hiking enthusiast. The pack sits on the front of your waist that adjusts slightly to the lower back when strapped. It is a useful feature for holding micro adventure contents like a camera. You could even put your phone in it when you are on the trail. The best waist packs come with additional accessories to make the pack the must-have unit in your traveling itinerary.  If you want to know the pros and cons of waist packs, keep on reading.

Big in size

The waist packs today are big enough to rival backpacks, and they can hold necessarily anything that would go to a traditional backpack as long as it is light. Therefore, you do not have to keep removing the bag to reach your things. The advantage of the waist pack is the ease of reach when you want to do something. You can also just slide it around your waist to allow you to access some restricted spaces such as tiny door areas or gaps in the woods. They are excellent accessories for hiking because you will not need to consider your posture when carrying one. It hangs on the waist irrespective of how fast you are moving. The shoulder bag will fall off, and the backpack does not offer the same maneuverability as the waist pack.

Avoid sweating

RUNNING The reason why the waist pack is a darling of the military is that of its positioning which ensures that the back does not sweat a lot in extreme high heat conditions. The pack sits low and leaves sufficient room for the wind to breeze through the shift and aerate the upper body of the wearer. The difference between sweating with a backpack and not sweating with the pack is the added comfort and ability to move for long without requiring rest. The hike or travel will be very comfortable at the least.

Easy to pass security

Backpacks are often a sign of a heavy traveler, and when you are passing security, you will have to remove everything and return them to the bag. On the other hand, the waist pack is easy to peruse insider without needing to check the straps and remove it. A simple check also makes your move through security fast. It can be a convenient urban touring tool since you will not be feeling the frustration of having to remove all your belongings with every entry check.

It is cumbersome for some people

The perception of the waist pack as a fashion accessory may not go well with some people. It can feel too onerous even when it is providing an essential utility service. On the other side, it may not attach itself to the waist well if you do not have sufficient butt allowance and when you pick a strap that is not the right match for you.…

green smoothie

Green Smoothie Tips for Beginners

Taking a green smoothie for the first time can be a difficult because of the taste. However, the good news is that you can make green smoothie interesting. Green smoothies do not have to be blunt and boring.

You can still enjoy your green smoothie without feeling that you are taking raw green vegetables. Before you decide to make a green smoothie, it is important to come up recipes. Looking for good recipes will help you in making delicious smoothies. Here are some of the best smoothie tips for beginners:

Portions are important

Portions are important when making a green smoothie. It is important to balance out everything so that you can get the perfect taste that you want. For instance, when making your smoothie for the first times avoid using too much kale or too much spinach. Green Juice Powder is the best option because you do not have to worry about portions.green smoothie

Use all the ingredients in moderation until you get the perfect taste that you would like to achieve. When making green smoothies, you can always try all the ingredients that you love. By trying out different portions, you will be able to achieve the perfect taste that you love.

Liquid base first

When using a blender, it is advisable to blend the green vegetables first. The worst mistake that many people make is throwing everything inside the blender.

The process of blending should be systematic so that you can come out with a smooth mixture. Choose a healthy base so that you gain the maximum benefits from the smoothie. Once you blend the base with the green vegetables, you can later add fruits so that you can get a perfect blend.

Freeze your fruits

When making a green smoothie, you might be tempted to add ice cubes to the juice. However, the ice cubes are likely to damage your blender. The best alternative to get a good and chilled green smoothie is to freeze your fruits.

You will still get a chilled green smoothie without worrying about adding ice cubes to the drink or the blender. Some of the best fruits to freeze include bananas and berries.

green smoothie

Natural sweetener

The main reason to take a green smoothie is for health purposes. A green smoothie is nourishing to the body. It is important to make the smoothie as nutritious as possible and avoid adding artificial sweeteners to the smoothie. A green smoothie does not need to be purely green; you can still add sweet fruits like mangoes to enhance the taste.…


Natural Remedies for Removing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks have become a common skin problem in the recent past. Due to the prevalence of this problem, people are looking for the best natural remedies for this skin condition. Depending on the severity of the skin condition, the stretch marks may have a great negative impact on your life. The good thing is that there are many ways to get rid of stretch marks. Check out https://gostretchmarks.com for information on how to remove stretch marks. The top natural remedies for removing the skin condition include:


Olive oil

Olive oil contains several antioxidants that help in relieving numerous skin problems such as stretch marks. The antioxidants also help in moisturizing the skin. What is more important about the antioxidants in olive oil is that it can neutralize the effect of the radicals that damage the skin cells that are causing the stretch marks. The Vitamin A in olive oil increases the flow of the blood in the skin.

Castor oil

For a long time now, castor oil has been useful in helping people to remove skin problems like dark spots. Additionally, the oil is also used for refining the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Gently apply castor oil on the stretch marks in an upward circular motion for 7 minutes. Use a clean cotton cloth to apply the oil on the stretch marks. Apply the oil on these marks daily for not less than a month.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains a high supply of collagen, a natural plant protein that helps in maintaining the beauty of the skin. In addition to this, the plant protein also helps in reducing wrinkles. When using an Aloe Vera leaf to treat stretch marks, peel the leaf’s outer layer to reach the sticky gel in the leaf. Gently apply the gel on the stretch marks then carefully rinse those stretch marks after two hours.

Egg whites

The amino acids in egg whites are crucial in removing stretch marks. This is because when the amino acids soak into the epidermis layer, it heals the scars. To use this natural remedy, whip egg whites until they form a smooth suspension. Apply treatment thrice every day for up to a month. The best thing about this remedy for stretch marks is that it helps in removing other skin conditions such as age spots.

Sliced potato

POTATO 2Potatoes are full of vitamins that are crucial for cell regeneration. Cut a raw organic potato then rub the potatoes on the stretch marks. Cut thick slices since they will produce more juice. Soak the stretch marks for about 15 minutes then rinse it off using warm water. Repeat the treatment daily for about a month.…

23ed supplements

Effective Ingredients to Boost Your Immune System

Nowadays, people are exposed to viruses and other disease-causing agents that can cause severe flu. This explains why millions of people are going to the hospital. It is quite annoying to have aching joints, itchy eyes, sore eyes, and headaches with the changing climate. Fortunately, there are various natural methods of boosting the immune system and help prevent flu or cold at any particular time of the year. In fact, there is a wide range of herbs and nutrients that can help boost the immune system.


d3rf4 tumeric This is a nutrient that is yellow. It has been found to improve the immune system. In fact, some cultures have been using turmeric for several years. It contains curcumin which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells from the radical harm. Moreover, it helps keep the skin looking soft and youthful. It also reduces inflammation. It fights flu and cold with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Indians use black pepper combined with turmeric as medicine. In fact, it has been found that turmeric and black pepper complement each other when used together. When you take turmeric with black pepper, you help the body absorb powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Bilberry extract

This extract is proven to improve vision because it is rich in anthocyanins that boost production of pigment which improves night vision. This can help you adapt to light changes. Also, it helps boost immunity, improve blood circulation, and blood sugar balance.


Chicken soup is quite rich in amino acids that help cure a cold. This is because the body converts cysteine found in chicken into powerful antioxidant known as glutathione peroxidase which fights free radicals. It also helps protect the body cells from damage. It can also boost the immune system.


Pineapple contains bromelain that helps fight flu and the common cold. It helps break down mucus to keep your airways clear and ease. It helps improve the functioning of immune cells that destroy pathogens and improve immunological memory.wed22 pineaple

Olive leaf extract

This is a superfood that is known to protect the heart, promote youthful and healthy skin, and improves circulation. It contains Oleuropein that offers potent antioxidant, anti-microbial, and antiviral properties.

The above are some useful ingredients that can help boost the immune system. It is a good idea to keep your body strong and healthy.…

2ed3e sports injury

Common sports Injuries – Their Prevention and Treatment

Sports injuries are quite common among people that indulge in tedious athletic activities or exercises. They are mainly caused by poor methods of training, abnormalities, and weaknesses in structural frame and risky workout environments. As much as these injuries are harmless, they can be treated with home remedies and rest. Some of the injuries are severe and require professional medical attention. In this post, you will learn different types of injuries and how to prevent him.

Knee injuries

wed323q knee injuryMost sports persons will tell you that they have knee injuries at certain times of their career. Aches and pains of kneecap are quite common among individuals who undertake activities like swimming, cycling, and aerobics. Also, people who participate in sports such as football, volleyball, and basketball suffer from such complicated issues. It is advisable for athletes to change insoles and shoes often. You should avoid training on hard surfaces and take rest between your exercise sessions. Moreover, you can apply anti-inflammatory solutions to treat these issues.


Dislocations along with strains and sprains on the shoulders are quite common with the athletes who play volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, swimming, and tennis. These problems arise when a group of muscles or tendons around shoulders to give rise to pain, slipping, weakness, and stiffness in the shoulders. Strengthening muscles during workout sessions is necessary. You can try RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) at home. If the treatment does not work, you should consult your sports orthopedic specialist.

Ankle sprains

Hockey, volleyball, basketball, and soccer players are quite familiar with the ankle sprains. This is because swift movements of turning, running, and jumping can twist the ankle. This can lead to tearing of tendons and ligaments. Massaging of ankles can help prevent swelling.


rg5r concussionThis is an injury which occurs as a result of a heavy blow on your head. Amnesia, disorientation, vision disturbance, loss of balance, and dizziness are some common symptoms of this type of injury. Other types of athletes that face this problem include boxing, soccer, and hockey players. Although you can get back to your normal work, multiple concussions can cause permanent damage. The only treatment for this condition is rest. However, for serious cases, you will need to seek medical attention.

Pulled muscles

Pulled muscles are caused by fatigue and lack of flexibility. Calves and hamstrings are some common types of muscle pulls. This can be quite painful and can lead to bruising.…