Statement from the Hernandez Family – 7/25/2014

typurpleThe Hernandez family expresses their deepest thanks to the community, law enforcement and media for their continued support.  The extent of our gratitude can hardly be expressed in words and we are beyond overjoyed about Abby’s return.
The last few days have been extremely busy while law enforcement and medical concerns have had to be addressed.  We are working in full support of law enforcement’s efforts to help the ongoing investigation.
Right now, Abby is resting, extremely tired and in deteriorated health, and has lost a lot of weight.  She is working to build her strength back and we hope soon she will be back on solid foods.
We appreciate people’s vigilance as they share the sketch photo that law enforcement has distributed and we hope that very soon this long, long ordeal can come to some closure.
At this time we are trying to focus on the peace and joy of the moment of Abby’s return.
Paul Kirsch and his family, who are close friends of the Hernandez family, had a chance to spend some time with Abby yesterday.  Paul noted that “We talked with Abby.  She is extremely thankful to God, to her community and to everyone who searched for her and she appreciates all of the positive support she has continues to receive.”
Amanda Smith, close friend of the family, has been able to spend time with Abby everyday since her return.
“Abby is very thin and weak. We continue to work towards getting her to eat. Abby has shown incredible courage thru this. She is beyond grateful to be home and is just relaxing, resting, trying to get her health back. Abby is forever thankful to everyone who offered help, support and prayers. I am incredibly proud of Abby for everything she has and continues to overcome in this ordeal.”
  1. I pray that Abby and all her family find comfort, healing and a sense do safety. God may you wrap your healing hands around this dear child of yours and her family and bring them serenity, healing and joy. God bless you all

  2. Best wishes to Abby for a speedy recovery. I can’t even come close to imagining the emotions that must be running through you and your family right now. I hope this whole thing is done ASAP so you can all get back to the business of being a family.

  3. Wishing you all the best Abby and to your family as well. Being a mom myself, I was so overjoyed when I heard you were home and safe! Be strong and be well soon!

  4. Sweet child of God. We are so happy that you are home! His eye is on the sparrow and He watches over you. God is good….you are home. Keep getting well and heal. You remain in our prayers.

  5. Dear Abby-
    I don’t know you, but I am so proud of you. You are a courageous young woman. When my dad was proud of me, would call me a TIGER. That is what you are- you are a TIGER! Praying for you. When you get a chance, please watch video by Jim Valvano at the ESPY awards. Much love to you again. (HUGS)

  6. Welcome home Abby! So much life ahead of you. Thought of you every night, praying for your safe return. It brought tears to my eyes to know you were home. Get well soon

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