Statement on Behalf of Abigail Hernandez and Zenya Hernandez from Michael Coyne

On behalf of Abigail Hernandez and her mother, Zenya Hernandez, we want to thank the New Hampshire State Police, the FBI, the Conway Police Department, all of the many law enforcement agencies that were involved in this effort, the community of Conway, the people of New England and everyone that cared about Abby’s abduction and prayed for Abby’s safe return as well as the media’s efforts to bring attention to her kidnapping and assist with her miraculous survival.

Abby needs and wants some time and space to physically and emotionally heal.  It is going to be a long process in pursuit of justice for Abby and for Abby to get physically and emotionally stronger.  We do not intend to have this case tried in the press. As the justice system moves forward, and the evidence is revealed, questions about this horrific event will be answered. Abby was violently abducted by a stranger.  For many months, she suffered numerous acts of unspeakable violence.  Through her faith, fortitude and resilience, she is alive today and home with her family.

Abby simply asks that you respect her wishes and the justice process as this case moves forward. We trust that justice will be done.  On behalf of Abby, we ask that you be sensitive to the well-being of this child and give her the time and space she needs—that any of us would desire for a member of our own family or loved one who suffered as she has. Abigail and Zenya Hernandez are represented by Michael L. Coyne of Andover, Massachusetts and Steven Hyde and Briana Coakley of Coakley and Hyde in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Any questions, please contact Michael Coyne at 978.681.0800 or


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